Research shows that finance and accounting staff spends  75% of their time gathering and managing data instead of focusing on value-driven innovation. These inefficiencies cost U.S. companies $7.8B a year, which is why HubiFi's pricing scales with your needs so you can focus on analyzing and improving your business instead of scaling headcount managing data!


Starting at $1,900/M
*Based On Volume
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  • Revenue to Cash Automated Financials
  • Up to 3 Operational Data Sources
  • Continuous Close Data Snapshot
  • Unlimited Users
  • SSO Integration


*Based on volume
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  • Everything in Essentials
  • Cost of Revenue Financial Accounting
  • Full Audit Trail Data Lineage
  • Up to 5 Operational Data Sources
  • Dynamic Financial Reporting
  • Auto Journal Entries - Ledger Integration


*Based on volume
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  • Everything in Growth
  • Operational Observability Analytics Suite
  • Real Time OTC Account Reconcilations
  • Unlimited Operational Data Sources
  • Bi-Directional integration for your General Ledger
  • Financial Alerts and Monitoring

Learn how we cut accounting close timelines by 75% and identified 6% of revenue margin erosion opportunities for one of the fastest growing companies

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