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We are polyglots in Finance, Data, Entrepreneurship, and Technology, offering a new narrative for finance while closing the books on traditional paradigms.

Jason Berwanger

Former Root, EVP of Finance/Data at multiple FinTech startups

Jason Kyle Berwanger: An accomplished two-time entrepreneur, polyglot in finance, data & tech with 15 years of expertise. Builder, practitioner, leader—pioneering multiple ERP implementations and data solutions. Catalyst behind a 6% gross margin improvement with a sub-90-day IPO at Root insurance, powered by his vision & platform. Having held virtually every role from accountant to finance systems to finance exec, he brings a rare and noteworthy perspective in rethinking the finance tooling landscape.

Bill Kaper

Former Amazon GM, VP at Root,
and CTO at multiple FinTech startups

Bill Kaper is a product, engineering, and business leader with over 20 years of experience, 7.5 years at Amazon as a Sr Leader and GM, and 5 years as an executive at multiple insurtech and fintech startups. At Amazon, Bill was one of the few leaders who led multiple acquisitions that all wildly exceeded success targets. Bill prides himself in his ability to identify over-the-horizon opportunities and then build a tactical plan to make those opportunities a reality.

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