Automation + Intelligence
built for finance teams.

Automate. Discover opportunities. Grow profitably.

- Integrate financial data sources
- ASC 606 rev rec & journal entries into your ledger
- Full audit trail, data lineage and drill down
- Historical period change capture
- Real-time dynamic financial reporting

Jason and the HubiFi team are experts at their craft and helped me reduce the close by over 75%, gave us a unified view of our financial data and enabled us to identify margin erosion opportunities we had no visibility to before.

Jay Frey
Sr Director of Accounting and Data Governance

The Problem

You spend more time gathering and processing
than partnering to improve the business.

You're not sure how business operations impact financial statement performance.

You're always waiting for data and your monthly close processes are inefficient.

Your data is overly aggregated so you know “what” happened but not “why”.

Your disparate financial data across teams and systems is contributing to margin erosion.

Our Solution

We help you automate your financial data, empowering you with actionable financial intelligence

Unify. Automate. Integrate.

Multiple data sources? Zero problems. HubiFi’s fully automated accounting and continuous reconciliations, integrated with the tools you use, allows you to close an accounting period in hours instead of weeks.

  • Integrate with the most popular accounting software, ERPs and CRMs
  • Full audit trail and lineage from Report summary to operational record and all modifications along the way
  • Integrated Order/Subscription to Cash Reconciliations
  • Detailed transaction status’ for New, Modifications, Prior Period Adjustments or Deletes

Lift the Veil on Financial Performance

Never again hear that the data “needs to settle.” Real-time visibility over the company’s financial performance empowers finance leaders to seize growth and revenue opportunities, instead of playing catch up. And you stay GAAP-compliant along the way.

  • Drill down into the underlying data and answer questions on the spot
  • Generate real-time financial reports
  • Intra month monitoring and alerting
  • Integrate with various financial & operational systems and data sources

Segmentation as dynamic as your organization

Whether you need a 50,000 foot view or a customer-level granular perspective, HubiFi helps you configure dynamic segmentation without compromising financial integrity.. 

  • Analyze contribution margins.
  • Find under-leveraged market segments, and understand high-margin business opportunities.
  • Get a quick grasp of a built-in visualization tool that’s based in financial statements, has immediate access to all your data, and integrates with other BI tools

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Gain the flexibility to integrate financials to operations. Even when operations change, the historical financials won't.

Learn how we cut accounting close timelines by 75% and identified 6% of revenue margin erosion opportunities for one of the fastest growing companies

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